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get it back for free download: Bombay Beach Film 2011 Download Free Online Full HD
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All of these ingredients in the area around the Salton Sea are found, the opening of the once-hype “of Palm Springs on the sea”, in the middle of the desert in the rural areas of Southern California. with a short newsreel 1950s the heavily salted water body hyped as a major tourist destination, Alma Har’el the doc product Bombay Beach with a glass in a shocking series of parched landscape today: abandoned houses, dead fish, hard sand covered expanses.

in and around the same municipality (366 inhabitants in 2000), a place so isolated that if any of its inhabitants suffered a stroke, it must be transported by plane set about 40 miles to the nearest hospital, Har’el, the film follows three groups of questions on how they go about their daily work. Although Red, a resident, the Slab City is a trailer-park-cum-outsider-art scrap, ekes out a cigarette black market existence, trying CeeJay Thompson, a refugee from South Central, in order to keep his grades so he was a football Scholarship can get. In the meantime, Parrish, once sentenced prison for the maintenance of a fence massive arms and ammunition to raise her son emotionally and mentally disturbed, Benny seems that the amount of medication to “functional”.

Har’el managed to capture the everyday moments of his life difficult times, including his camera with the characters, to identify exactly intimate details often filtered through the canvas light-dark light conditions. Based on a style that is both the truth caught-in-ACT-evident sequences and recreations, the film CeeJay and a friend driving a golf cart (a common means of transport in Bombay Beach) to a local shithole bar follows the lunch begins Parrish the UFC video game in their living room while sip of alcohol, and turns his attention to the unbridled optimism expressed red, both in his commentary and his flirtations with VoiceOver enthusiastic residents of Slab City Woman.

But these everyday moments to a convincing portrait of the development of a not-quite-community? Har’el not seem to think, even if it is telling parallels between the three stories, with juxtaposition of two scenes feature attempts, physical and broke three real and imaginary triumphs. No, this is the filmmakers, after more fish than the dead littering the beaches of Bombay Beach. She wants to create a living, breathing art project, which means that the experiences of the residents of the city are eventually found secondary to his vision of the director.

This view is essentially a series of craft highly stylized, precisely choreographed sequences that supposedly lives for the further development of the characters are put together, but seem largely alien to their experience. Must CeeJay and his girlfriend, a dance number with white masks with original music by the pop band Beirut, a selection of music that reflect a taste of his subjects more than the administrator appears. While knowing CeeJay we love that dance and he himself contributed to the idea of ​​white masks (one comment on the difficulties in the middle of a predominantly Caucasian black and passing racist, of the population) saw his wife, rocking in the middle of a semicircle of these panels feels like a lame vanity of authorship, which has little to do with the individuals themselves. Watch Movie Online Bom_bay beach

Also played in a scene with a touch of Bob Dylan (a musician who could possibly play the Red) Har’el films of the old man carrying a strange ritual in which he pours a drop of water on a table, use the moisture Open a cigarette, tobacco spills on the table and then creates a new cigarette upright in the job. For a man who makes his living by selling cigarettes to waste act in this way seems very unlikely. Rather that take the symbols of the inner life of characters, these sequences seem like the intrusion of an aggressive personality copyright in a film whose theme – and the fact that outsider status Har’el – requires that the filmmakers simply sit and watch.

The magnificent desolation “Bombay Beach”, it is difficult to describe a document. Alma Har’el’s directorial debut is a romantic ambience and haunting shows his qualities as poetic. The small impoverished community where the film takes place – in the desert heat of Southern California, Colorado, buried at the threshold of the Salton Sea by the people – brings the spirit of a place remains in a post-apocalyptic world. These are real people do in a fairy tale with a little left out of sight to the horizon and sighs.



often frames his subjects in the silhouette emphasize the empty sky blue and the landscape as barren. They each have a reason to walk in this man not forgotten land that is located several miles from the world as the director reminds us casual with differences in other places. Har’el focuses on a trio of individuals, each of which is a reality in the broad sense of isolation and longing to escape from their surroundings.

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get it back for free download: Bombay Beach Movie Online Free Download 2011 Full HD

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